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Tax planning is part of the planning skills of strategic finance. As you know, everybody talks about tax planning just like fashion, but do you consider of the risks on the tax planning? Are you confused or upset on the recent tax changes on the law, regulations or rules for your previous tax planning has been out of date? In this two-day course, we will teach you the strategic tax planning rather than the normal tax planning skills, our target is to achieve an effective balancing point of the tax planning and the risk management.</br>This course will cover tax planning skills and analysis by case studies, considering of current new changes of the tax laws, regulations and rules, in addition introducing the oversea tax risks and internal control concepts and experiences, focusing on how to handle the relationship between the planning and risk management, trying to achieve the most workable target “balance of the benefit and risk”. This course will first time introduce the strategic tax planning concept, which will be implemented through the daily business cycle functions and the strategic business planning of the company. The trainees can learn many senior strategic finance and tax planning knowledge through the two-day course, and it shall be very helpful to the practice on the daily tax related decisions and works.</br></br>The detail concepts and tools are introduced in this course as listed as bellows:</br>? U.S Fin48 analysis – the new rule introduced after SOX 404</br>? New tax circular “Big Enterprise Tax Risk Management Guidelines”</br>? New tax circular “ China M&A Rules”

Training Objectives

? Understand the relationship between tax planning and tax risks</br>? Understand the source of the tax risks and the oversea risk management models</br>? Grasp the tax planning and risk control models & skills</br>? Grasp the key points of the tax planning and risk control under the new tax laws ( EIT,VAT,BT etc.)</br>? Grasp the key points of the tax planning and risk control for the special business activities, such as M&A, investment etc


Training Attendees

? Directors, board of supervisors</br>? General managers, financial deputy general managers</br>? Financial managers, financial directors</br>? Tax managers, tax executives</br>? Financial internal control directors, managers
Training Outline

Tax planning & risks
  • Further understanding of tax planning
  •   - Traditional misunderstanding of tax planning
      - Differences of tax planning , tax avoidance and tax evasion
  • Characteristics and objectives of tax planning
  • Risk analysis of tax planning
  •   - Why will the tax planning cause tax risks?
      - What are the risks in details?

    Tax planning & risk management models – “avoid, control, transfer, hold”

    Tax risk management – tax internal control system
  • Understandings of internal control concept in tax management area
  • New tax circular “Big Enterprise Tax Risk Management Guidelines”
  • Tax internal control system
  •   - Tax risk management models
      - Factors of tax internal control

    Risks and control points on application of tax incentives
  • Choose tax incentives
  • Tax incentives application process
  •   - Not available conditions
      - Application in different areas
      - Duplications of registration
  • Case study – Tax planning & risk assessment for the grandfather rule application of the old FIEs under the new EIT law.

  • Tax planning and risk controls on turn over taxes
  • VAT
  •   - Choice of normal VAT taxpayer or small scale tax payer
      - Combined operation activity ( VAT & BT activities combination)
      - Recognition of input VAT and sales VAT
      - Deferred tax filing
  • Business Tax
  •   - Taxabe concept change
      - Real estate contract operation
      - Pricing on the taxable items
      - Specific industries
  • Case study- VAT internal control system

  • Tax planning and risk controls on EIT
  • Planning risks on preliminary operation
  • Risk controls for R&D super deduction planning
  • Income recognition and expense deductions
  •   - General rules, dividend/equity income, royalty etc
      - Accrual basis vs. cash basis; limited conditions for deductible expenses; accruals
  • Tax treatment on assets
  • Tax risk controls on financing activity

  • Tax planning & risk controls for M&A activities
  • Tax maximization objectives under the old rules
  •   - Avoid/save turn over taxes, enjoy income tax incentives
      - Loss offset with profit
      - Avoid of capital gain tax
  • Risks and challenges of the old M&A cases under the new rules
  •   - Taxable basis- FMV
      - Tax treatment on loss carry-forward
      - Special tax treatment
      - Special rules for international M&A cases
      - Valid timing

    Tax efficiency promotion – Balancing of tax planning & risk control
  • Necessary considerations on tax efficiency
  • Case 1- supply chain optimization
  • Case 2- New IP structure
  • Case 3 – Restructuring on Equity & business functions
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