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Globalization trends mean Chinese enterprises have a closer relationship with foreign economies and culture, this requires that enterprises should improve their scale and level in international trading, capital inflow and outflow, and international capital financing.
However, currently the international financial market is fluctuating. For example, caused by the subprime crises, since 2008, the US dollar continuously depreciates, non-US currencies appreciate, the price of major international commodities keep on rising, the crude oil future price exceeds 100 USD/barrel and the international gold price is over 1000 USD/ounce. Then in the second half of 2008, the US dollar seems to have a favorable turn and commodity price decreases, these factors are what major financial institutions and enterprises are focusing on.
This course will help enterprises correctly recognize factors that affect the movement and future trend of the foreign exchange and gold price in major international financial markets, thus to hedge and prevent foreign exchange risk and achieve the targets of maximizing profit and minimizing risk.

Training Objectives

Grasp related foreign exchange policies and newly enacted foreign exchange laws, and their impacts on enterprises
Grasp the characteristics and functions of bank financial derivative products
Enhance an enterprise’s foreign exchange risk consciousness and master the skill and method of foreign exchange risk prevention
Understand major factors that affect the trend of foreign exchange, grasp methods and skills of judging and analyzing exchange trends
Understand major factors that affect the price trend of gold, grasp methods and skills of judging and analyzing the gold price trend
Enhance an enterprise’s ability of offsetting foreign exchange and gold price change and improve the accuracy of exchange rates and gold price trend judgment


Training Attendees

General manager, CFO, financial manager, fund manager, capital operation manager and import-export staff
Financial institution manager, corporate banking relationship manager
Related personnel in a foreign exchange department of an investment consulting institution

Training Outline

Case analysis of foreign exchange risks enterprises are facing and how to avoid them
  • Significance of avoiding exchange risk
  • Types of foreign exchange risk: transaction risk, accounting risk, economic risk and reserve risk
  • How to use foreign exchange hedging products, financial products and financial instruments to avoid foreign exchange risks
  • Practical case analysis
  • Analysis on problems arising from use of foreign exchange risk hedging instruments

  • The key to avoid exchange rate risk – grasp the trend of exchange rates, otherwise the derivative or financial instrument will not be effective
  • Understand the relationship between currency trends and other factors such as interest rate, data and political environment
  • Know the related information of the foreign exchange market
  • Master basic knowledge of the foreign exchange market: economic fundamentals, capital flow direction, technique analysis and psychological analysis
  • Commonly used and effective technical analysis in foreign exchange risk control
  • Dowthcory, Golden Section, Granville Rules RSI,MACD,KDJ
  • A positive attitude in foreign exchange operating
  •   - Take action resolutely with three words: quick, exact, firm
      - To be optimistic when facing a low point and be cautious when facing a climax
      - Stay the course
      - Acknowledge the mistakes
      - Pay attention to long term, potential development
      - Maintain certain flexibility

    Comprehensive ability to avoid exchange rate risk
  • Improve self judgment
  • Know derivative products offered by the bank
  • Proper use of methods such as shortening the accounts receivable period and locking up the exchange rate
  • Avoid exchange risk relying on experts and information

  • Major factors that affect the trend of the international gold price

    Review of exchange rate trends in 2008 and future predictions
  • Analysis on the trend of the US dollar in 2008 and future predictions
  • Analysis on the trend of exchange rates between major trade currencies and the US dollar in 2008 and future predictions
  • Review of gold price trends in 2008 and future predictions

  • The background and trend of RMB exchange rate regime reform
  • Reasons for the RMB exchange rate regime reform
  • Judgment on the trend of the RMB exchange rate
  • Forecast of the RMB exchange rate in the following years
  • How should enterprises react to RMB appreciation in the future
  •   - Adopt multiple currencies when signing foreign contracts
      - Negotiate to use predetermined rate or locked-in cost
      - Utilize the flexible international settlement method
      - Shorten the accounts receivable period
      - Improve self competence, such as improving production efficiency, reducing costs, enhancing product quality, technical management and increasing added value

    Revised foreign exchange regulations and other related code
  • Recent enacted foreign exchange code
  • What is the core idea of the revised foreign exchange regulations
  • Impacts on enterprises
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