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To detect a leak of financial flow, project management, and internal control with new auditing theories and methods.
Ensure an enterprise’s smooth operation and find out the core reason for operation deficiency.
Help internal auditors realize the role of “chamberlain” for corporation owners and managers, and to indicate the institutional oversight before risks and problems occur to thus avoid greater loss.
To scan a modern corporation’s overall operational flow of internal auditing from a new angle of view, through abstraction of abundant real auditing project records to point out the essentials of internal audits and achieve the methods and skills of internal auditing.
Making auditing knowledge, methods and skills vivid through case studies, helping trainees master audit skills in a short period of time; understanding ”the only thing unchanged is change”, using different audit methods for different objects thus offering a wider and deeper understanding of internal auditing.

Training Objectives

Learn to set up an effective internal audit team
Break away from disordered working conditions, set up an advanced audit process, re-evaluate and reform the internal audit
Understand different auditing skills and applications from a new angle of view
How to become a respectable, grateful and trustworthy excellent internal auditor
During practical work, how to ”much ado about nothing”, “follow the clues” to find out the key points


Training Attendees

Accounting, financial, tax, internal control and auditing managers or supervisors, financial controllers, CFOs and other senior managers
Owner, decision maker and management of an enterprise
Training Outline

Foreword: Relieve your bewilderment of internal audits, releasing you from the feeling of inability
  • Six major points related to internal audits

  • How to set up an effective internal audit team in a short period of time
  • Where should the internal audit department be located in the organization structure
  • Rational vocation requirement
  • Working scope, emphasis and effect of an internal audit department

  • Internal audit procedure and practical materials.
  • Regularly scan the internal audit procedure.
  • Commonly used materials and forms during different phases.

  • Methods and practical skills
  • Methods to audit written materials
  •   - In sequence and athwart checking
      - In detail and selective checking
      - Integrated method to smoke out the “cash box”
  • Objective practicality evidence
  •   - Check, measure and appraisal
      - Find out persons who defalcate, operating futures
      - Find out the wire-puller who deceives a superior company by falsifying an increase of inventory value and adjusting profits
  • Audit survey
  •   - Observation, enquiry, letter proving and questionnaire
      - Create an atmosphere of mutual understanding
      - Learn the skill of listening
      - “Fast” and “accurate” are the key points
      - Don't let the audit object lead you around by the nose
  • Audit sampling
  • Analytical rechecking method
  • Internal control conformant test

  • Topic instruction
  • How to be a “woodpecker,“ bad people cannot do bad things, they can only do good things—Auditing for an internal control system
  • How to catch the hidden black gold—Auditing for financial revenue and expenditures
  • “A meritorious person” or “usurper”—Auditing for economic responsibilities

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