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The rapid development of the Chinese economy offers great opportunities for enterprises and also offers a great environment for globalized development and success. But for general managers, different types of skills are needed to help the company succeed in the competition. Mastering a company's operation through financial information is a precondition of success under the pressure of increasing fierce competition. Our course will help general managers have a good understanding of each part of corporate management through a financial point of view, effectively improve corporate performance and increase shareholder value through active training methods and abundant case studies.

Training Objectives

Fully understand three major financial statements and analyze financial reports correctly
Interpret corporate operation with financial thinking and seek for effective methods to improve operation performance
Establish effective communication with financial staff
Effectively control the capital risk
Learn to use budget management to insure the achievement of operation targets
Know the “secret” of a profitable investment project, discover the project that really brings profit and ensure the validity of investment decision making


Training Attendees

Corporate president, GM, GM of project department in a group, and senior and medium level non-financial management
Training Outline

Understand Enterprise Operation Through Financial Reports
  • How should general managers master enterprise operation through financial management?
  • Understand the three financial statements
  • EVA in performance management

  • How to Use Financial Analysis to Improve Operational Performance
  • Three factors that affect corporate performance
  • How to improve operational performance through financial management
  •   - Key financial indicators analysis
      - Profitability analysis: ROS, ROA, ROE
      - DuPont analysis: the process of return for shareholders
      - Financial leverage: How to maximize shareholder return?
      - The effects of each department's job on the performance of the entire company and the control method
  • Analysis and control of the efficiency and risk of capital
  •   - How to analyze a company's working capital through data in statements
      - How to improve the situation if each department's job has impact on corporate working capital
      - How to avoid a fund turn over crisis
      - Basis methods to improve working capital condition
  • Analysis on a public company's financial reports: Understand a company's operational performance through integrated financial information

  • Establish the Modern Budget Management System
  • Importance and principles of budgeting
  • Establish an effective budget management system
  • General manager project: General manager project: attention and support should paid by management
  • The relationship between a budget, each department and each employee: Full participation
  • How to formulate a budget
  •   - Developing logic of a critical budget
      - Zero based budget
  • Budget tracking and control: prior, in process, post
  •   - Variance analysis
      - Excel® automatic tracking form of an income budget
      - Excel® automatic tracking form of a cost budget
  • Key points and difficult points

  • Cost Management for General Managers: How to Control Cost Effectively
  • Enterprise cost mode and competition advantage
  • Cost structure analysis: control cost effectively according to characteristics
  • How should general managers choose a cost mode and structure which is most suitable for their company?
  • Case study: economics of scale and sales pricing
  • Comprehensive case study: methods to increase profit
  • Systematic cost decomposition-each department has its own factors to affect a company's cost
  • Critical points in cost control

  • Investment Decision Making Management
  • Investment decision making problems general managers are faced with
  • Why most of the investment did not get an expected return
  • How to find the project's true value source
  • Commonly used analysis methods and tools in investment decision making
  • The effect of circulating capital on project evaluation
  • How to judge a project proposal's reliability-objectively evaluate an investment project's cost and return
  • "Detect the story behind the figures"how to make the correct decision with data analysis
  • Establish an effective project evaluation system
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